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Visualise. Materialise

ANDRE ZIZI Denis Waitley, PhD, the noted psychologist, was inspired by the visualisation process from the Apollo Mission. He implemented and used the programme during the 1980s and 1990s in the Olympics programme. This was called the Visual Motor Rehearsal [VMR]. According to Waitley, “The interesting thing about the mind is… we took Olympic athletes, […]

Think Like Einstein

ANDRE ZIZI Neuro-Visual & Linguistic Syntax Encoding [NVLSE] is the high point of the most up-to-date success coaching method called the Rapid Dream Goal Achievement System. It is ‘pooled’ with audio CDs for high impact cognitive encoding. NVLSE is also, quite simply, the most pioneering element of brainpower technology complemented by RX17 Holophonic sounds. How […]

True Success

ANDRE ZIZI The stream waves of emotions drive us to inspiration and elevation. Reason? Effective life mastery comes from a deep[er] awareness of the stream waves of consciousness that lies within us. This knowledge can only be activated and acted upon when one makes the time for learning and comprehends the neuro-dynamics of their association. […]

Reversing Anxieties

ANDRE ZIZI All of us have our concerns and anxieties about our future success, sustainability and security. It is a formidable mix. The saving grace is: it can be secured by our comprehension of our neuropsychology, and then putting that understanding into practice. How do we put our understanding into practice? Well, if you understand […]

Get Wired To Life

ANDRE ZIZI The whole programme of success I have presented, so far, in The Integrative Post, should be your holistic business, also life, work process. Why? Because it allows you to use your spiritual, psychological, and neuroscience awareness, each time you find yourself uncertain about the next action that you must keep taking in order to […]

‘Drive’ To Achieve

ANDRE ZIZI The law of attraction does not pull towards you riches out of thin air. It also does not attract the abundance you want, or wish, by just thinking positive like we are often led to believe. However this maybe, the Four Psychological Drives, that I’m going to explain in this piece, do attract […]

Arithmetic Of Success

ANDRE ZIZI In my first article, I delved into and also espoused the idea why you should trust your instinct [The Integrative Post, May 1, 2016] to do well in life. In this piece, I connect your instinct to success — or, what makes your instinct your road-map to success. First, let’s relate ourselves to […]

The Instinct Paradigm

ANDRE ZIZI First things, first. Learning and comprehending emerge with the understanding that you don’t have to be a genius to make your dreams come true. But, the fact is: unless you have a dream, you won’t know what to do too, and where to go. When you have established what you desire with a […]