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Godlings In Our World

GAYATRI PAGDI They aren’t gods. But, they’re closer to Him than us, earthly beings. They are the divine spirits, or god’s associates. They populate the worlds of all tribal societies in the form of spiritual beings, minor divinities, or various godlings. The concept of tribal spiritual worlds co-existed with the concept of god. At times, […]

Boy-God. Girl-God

GAYATRI PAGDI The four-year-old’s question had me thinking for a moment. “Do you pray to girl-god or boy-god?” “Err, both,” I said. “And, you?” “I pray to girl-god when I want something. She sits in a flower, smiling. I’m sure she won’t get angry, if I ask her for things. But boy-god has gadgets. He […]

Soul Dance

GAYATRI PAGDI The Katha Upanishad tells the story of Vajasrava, a Brahmin, performing the Viswajit ritual. He is supposed to give away all his valued possessions during the ritual. His young son, Nachiketa, observes that his father has violated the rules of the ritual by giving away only cows that are incapable of reproduction, or are too […]

Sancta Clause

GAYATRI PAGDI Purity is part of all faiths. It is considered the basis of the sacred and the godly. Hence, the perception when one approaches the divine, or something holy, one needs to be sanctified is ‘universal’ in indigenous cultures. This ‘enhancement’ could be of a person/patron, or a priest, place, object, devotees, animals, ceremonial […]