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Antibiotics: The Big Downside

ANNA CEZAK Penicillin, discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928, became known as the ‘miracle drug‘ for its instrumental role in the Second World War, when the Allied forces relied heavily on the antibiotic to treat wound infections and perform surgeries. Antibiotics are the most commonly known antimicrobial today, yet we are quite far from the […]

Balance Is Everything

GAYATRI PAGDI Years ago, when I decided to study what had caused me clinical depression, for some time, I came across many points-of-view depending on who you were sharing them with. The psychiatrist told me that it was an imbalance of neurochemicals in my brain. My Chinese diviners told me that my yin and yang […]

Chronicle Of Sleep Disorders Told

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR There is no clear-cut definition for sleep disorders. In general, however, a sleep disorder represents a disturbance of the individual’s normal sleep patterns. Clinicians suggest that there are over 75 different types of sleep disorders. Though not all of them fit the outline, most sleep affections include mental, psychological, or physical conditions, which […]

New Year. Every Day

ABHA IYENGAR I have been thinking a lot more this time about the New Year and the resolutions we make. They are all about what we consider as failings, or drawbacks, we have, and how we are going to change, for the better. I wonder if we ever think about praising ourselves for the good […]

Hope: Our Best Bet

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR One had always thought that global war, or the somber chronicle of religious strife, was over — a case of not just an allegory agreed upon, but old hash. But history, or war, isn’t over as yet. This is because we still haven’t arrived at the magical intersection: the promised land of happiness, […]

Visualise. Materialise

ANDRE ZIZI Denis Waitley, PhD, the noted psychologist, was inspired by the visualisation process from the Apollo Mission. He implemented and used the programme during the 1980s and 1990s in the Olympics programme. This was called the Visual Motor Rehearsal [VMR]. According to Waitley, “The interesting thing about the mind is… we took Olympic athletes, […]

The Monteverdi Allure

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Claudio Monteverdi was one of music’s greatest composers. He was his own symphony, and magnum opus. A martinet classicist, Monteverdi, quite simply, never ever compromised on what he thought was exact — be it a note, or a theme. He is fondly remembered, today, as the primal composer of L’Orfeo, albeit his most famous […]

Capital Conscience

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR You’d sure be amused. And, why not — with the theme itself? What’s ‘compassionate capitalism?’  A chimera?  A convenient joke? None of it. On the realistic side of things, the full meaning of the ‘eerie’ concept, or so would you think, looks like a contradiction of terms — of not only belief structures, […]

Water Of Life

GAYATRI PAGDI Just as fire is a symbol of strength and power, water is the symbol of purity and life. Also, among the five great elements, or Panchamahabhutas, that Hinduism extols, the closest to man is water. For the Aryans, the earthly river was an extension of the divine waters that flowed from Heaven to […]

Celebrate Gratitude

ABHA IYENGAR Well, there it is. When the initial euphoria and passion are over, most relationships settle down into a period of contentment, acceptance and understanding. But, to reach such stage — of understanding and — contentment, a lot of adjustments are required. Two individuals have to learn to live with each other and each […]