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Chronicle Of Sleep Disorders Told

By RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR There is no clear-cut definition for sleep disorders. In general, however, a sleep disorder represents a disturbance of the individual’s normal sleep patterns. Clinicians suggest that there are over 75 different types of sleep disorders. Though not all of them fit the outline, most sleep affections include mental, psychological, or physical conditions, which ‘block’ our […]

The Good Fat

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Fat can be good for you. You get the idea — because, the big fat thing has been alarmingly misinterpreted without taking into account the quality of fats we eat. It also needs to be emphasised that fats play a host of important roles in the body. They are, indeed, the basis of […]

Biohacking Guide: How To Increase Your Overall Wellness

Text: Amber THEURER Biohacking is a way to hack [I’m sorry I had too] your biology through DIY methods. It covers a vast range of activities, such as sleep, diet, and even using technology to enhance the body’s natural capabilities. When combined, biohacking modalities can lead to an impressive improvement in your overall health. Here […]

Berry, Berry Good

RYAN HARRISON Not long ago, the natives of the Amazon were the only people who knew and regularly enjoyed the many health benefits of a small, dark, and exotic berry. In time, this berry — the açaí [pronounced ‘ah-sigh-EE’] — found itself to be the focus of many research studies. The result? Açaí has become […]

Nutrient ‘Ammo’ For Allergy

RICHARD FIRSHEIN As the manager of her family’s raucous Irish pub in midtown Manhattan, twenty-eight-year-old Molly Tracey was as far removed from a pure diet and environment as she could get. Although smoking is strictly prohibited in restaurants, the patrons of O’Shaughnessy’s couldn’t have cared less; to them, a pub wasn’t a pub without Guinness […]

Verse Better Than Prozac

GAYATRI PAGDI While roving through umpteen poetry sites on the Internet, one is amazed by the amount of angst, anguish, and pain, expressed. Agreed that the age groups of wailing poets differ. From who-am-I and what-is-my-purpose-in-life of 20-somethings to the poetry of loneliness by poets in the evening of their lives, myriad voices give vent […]

Anxiety? Trust Nature

RICHARD FIRSHEIN Kate [34], suffered from irritable bowel syndrome [IBS], characterised by gas, bloating, diarrhoea, and food sensitivities, as well as shortness of breath. She had also been losing weight rapidly, shedding 20kg in the last two months. Her job as a freelance computer analyst required her to hop from office-to-office, offering her expertise for […]

Turmeric: The Wonder Herb

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR The Covid-19 storm has brought the good, old turmeric to the fore — as a potent immune-booster, and also as a possible preventative and therapeutic remedy no less. Turmeric [Curcuma longa] has been used for ages in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] as an anti-inflammatory agent and digestive remedy. It has also […]