Visualise. Materialise


Denis Waitley, PhD, the noted psychologist, was inspired by the visualisation process from the Apollo Mission. He implemented and used the programme during the 1980s and 1990s in the Olympics programme. This was called the Visual Motor Rehearsal [VMR].

According to Waitley, “The interesting thing about the mind is… we took Olympic athletes, and then hooked them up to sophisticated biofeedback equipment, and had them ‘run’ their event only in their mind.” Result? “Incredibly, the same muscles fired in the same sequence, when they were running the race in their mind… as when they were running on the track.”

How could this happen? Simple. Says Waitley, “The mind cannot distinguish whether you’re doing it, or whether it’s just a practice [session]. So, if you’ve been there in the mind, you go there in the body too.”


The power of visualisation speaks for itself alone about anything that you desire to achieve in life. When you visualise, or when you have that big picture in your mind. Now, you will always dwell on the end results after seeing the details of your blueprint in tune with that vision you want to reach.

The event you experience in your mind is a truly holographic experience. It is so amazingly real — so real to your whole emotional experience. This makes you think you don’t need that object right now, because it feels as if you already have it.

There is also a subliminal and sublime visual imagery to the process that is designed to ignite the feelings of having it now; it is also designed to help people produce visual imagery in their minds, so real, so vivid. It ignites the emotions that really create the attraction — you may call it the magnet of visualisation that pushes us to a new level and action in order to create what you desire in life.

Thinking positive has failed our society because we do not have what is called the neuro-associative visualisation tool — to create our reality. In other words, while visualising and thinking positive, do their part… they do so without feelings. It is the feeling of having it now that attracts your desired objective. This is what is commonly practiced among over-achievers; this is also what moves the subject into action. It is simple. But, it ain’t easy for a large number of people to follow, or practice.


Let us now move onto what is termed ‘The Holistic Leading Edge’ in Brain Mind Technology. This is actually subliminal and sublime visual imagery. It puts subjects in the feeling place of really being in that particular place, mind-set, and lifestyle they chose and truly believe they can achieve. Not only it helps them develop a robust template of visualisation, but it also ignites their emotions, so they create a feeling of excitement, joy and thrill to motivate themselves into action.

From the spiritual and psychological point-of-view, this feeling, or ‘inner seeing,’ begins to open their neurological pathways, like doorways of light — through which the power of the universe, or the vast consciousness will begin to express.

Jack Canfield, the successful author and speaker, says, “Our job is not to figure out the how. The how will show up, out of the commitment and the belief in the what.”

Writer Mike Dooley says, “The how’s are the domain of the universe. It always knows the shortest, quickest, fastest, and the most harmonious way between you and your dream.”

Our inner seeing is deeply spiritual. When people succeed at the visualisation process, and commit, they sprout the seed of that inner seeing to grow while also latching onto that prayer, the Desire to the Universe. You will be dazzled and thrilled about what is delivered to you. This is how geniuses and prophets used their visualisation — to the point of seeing deep in their Inner Universe… to create magic and miracles.

Research suggests that ‘Brain Entrainment Practice’ should be a Daily Brain Gym exercise to create such feelings. When you create the image, the feeling, the belief and commitment, your vision unfolds before your eyes.


The whole idea is keyed to create feelings of joy, exhilaration and thrill — to allow you to materialise the Vision. When you are feeling good, you become grateful and graceful before becoming plentiful. When you act it, you attract it.

It is ironical that the US government had once banned this programme. Besides, most success programmes such as this were kept secret — much before the ban came into effect. It is sad that our leaders of the past missed a great opportunity to use this amazing quantum mind power. They also truly missed to share the power to help people evolve faster and advance in the sciences, technologies and also cosmology.

Now is the best time to have ever been alive in history. This is the first time we’ve ever had the power and the technology to gain knowledge at the speed of light. Learn, practice, and use visualisation everyday of your life — to grow and glow with the all-encompassing happiness of success and fulfilment.