The Plain Truth Of Things


There’s no need to sermonise or pontificate why we are here, or what we purport to be… or, what we ought to be too.

We are, quite simply, here, and up on the Web, to make you feel a part of the world and lead a better life — to the best extent possible. Yet, the most important thing is we want to be different. In thought. In essence. In spirit.

Here we go… with our integrative ‘meditations’ — for we dare to be what we are, not what someone else wants us to be…

Welcome to The Integrative Post!

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand
And Eternity in an Hour.

— William Blake

The Integrative Post sets in motion a simple, yet profound movement. This is reason enough for us — albeit the humble not-for-profit endeavour is managed by just one individual with generous, kindhearted editorial contributions from writers spread across the globe — to have a celebration. Because, The Integrative Post represents the emblematical register of integrative [w]holistic thought, spiritual living, health and well-being? Yes, indeed.

The onus is now on us not only to adapt to the demands of changing times, but also maintaining The Integrative Post as a friendly hub, also companion, for your integrated needs — to provide a rostrum, or forum, communicate and seek literary patronage.

The Integrative Post espouses a refreshing spirit, in word and deed — sculpted and interspersed as metaphors that whirr.

Our intentions are clear. Tangible.

This also explains why we have taken up the ‘grain of sand’ measure to bring you a seamless, multi-subject smorgasbord: of what we need to do to think well and live well. You’d sure call them diverse, palpable connections, yes — the epitome of integrative philosophical thought and well-being.

Yet, the fact remains: what The Integrative Post endeavours to present is, in essence, a meaningful canvas of the conceptual with a simple premise and foundation, a small step to celebrating that signal, or synoptic, vision called [w]holistic living.

The articles, critiques, and meditations, we have up at The Integrative Post are by no means chosen to score a point. They chisel an impressionist portrayal of the state of optimal thought, living, health and well-being — a graphical representation that draws a parallel, or connectivity spoor, between pure and applied holistic living, integrative and complementary and alternative medicine [CAM]. In other words, the fascinating web of elaborateness of living life to the full — and, in vibrant health and well-being.

There’s more to The Integrative Post than what meets the eye, ear, and mind too — a compass representing not just convergence across disciplines, but a harmonious mosaic, which is as simple, profound and divergent as any already invented.

The feeling, as you will agree, is reciprocal, dear readers.

It’s a great time to be in the thick of it all. Yet, let one thought always remain in the crux of our minds and thinking… in the midst of all the euphoria. It is easy to be deluded by the glitz of accepted wisdom — that the central understanding of living, creativity, spirituality, medical science, health, and well-being, is absolute.

It is, quite simply, far from it.

Miles to go, mate…

Welcome aboard!