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Antibiotics: The Big Downside

By ANNA CEZAK Penicillin, discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928, became known as the ‘miracle drug‘ for its instrumental role in the Second World War, when the Allied forces relied heavily on the antibiotic to treat wound infections and perform surgeries. Antibiotics are the most commonly known antimicrobial today, yet we are quite far from […]

Visualise. Materialise

ANDRE ZIZI Denis Waitley, PhD, the noted psychologist, was inspired by the visualisation process from the Apollo Mission. He implemented and used the programme during the 1980s and 1990s in the Olympics programme. This was called the Visual Motor Rehearsal [VMR]. According to Waitley, “The interesting thing about the mind is… we took Olympic athletes, […]

Think Like Einstein

ANDRE ZIZI Neuro-Visual & Linguistic Syntax Encoding [NVLSE] is the high point of the most up-to-date success coaching method called the Rapid Dream Goal Achievement System. It is ‘pooled’ with audio CDs for high impact cognitive encoding. NVLSE is also, quite simply, the most pioneering element of brainpower technology complemented by RX17 Holophonic sounds. How to […]

Ease The Carbon Footprint

LENA MIKHELKIS The necessity today is simple, also profound — the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to thwart the perils of climate change. ‘Eureka’ inventions of different types happen, here and there, now and then. One of them is what is currently a pilot project in Belgium [Orbix]. It has attracted the attention of a […]

The Secret Life Of Trees

PARIBHA VASHIST In our foundational biology lessons in school, we are introduced to plant physiology. On an average, therefore, all of us are aware of the fact that green plants photosynthesise to sustain themselves and carry out specific biological processes to maintain their metabolic balance. But, does this way of looking at plant life provide […]

Sustain & Survive

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN ‘Nature does not draw boundaries as politicians do.’ The content on these 12 CDs cannot be summarised meaningfully and effectively. Conciseness which is called for, in reviews like these, will tend to defeat the purpose of doing justice to the labour of love being reviewed. I call this a ‘labour of love,’ for […]

The Physics & Biophysics Of Sound ‘Healing’

WILLIAM SOFTKY  The fashionable intelligence at The New York Times has declared sound baths are everywhere, and it’s true. Well-educated people like myself now routinely spend a couple dozen dollars for a few hours in a quiet room listening to ringing gongs, thrumming bowls and shaking rattles. Those special-purpose sonic environments are technically called ‘sound baths,’ but […]

A Question Of Sustainability

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN October 31: UN World Cities Day. Cities are where the battle for sustainable development will be won, or lost. A clutch of sustainable cities makes a sustainable province; a clutch of sustainable provinces makes a sustainable country, and it follows that several sustainable countries learning and sharing and helping other countries, will make […]

Ahoy! The New Eco Vision

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN They call themselves fittingly as a ‘profit for good’ company — a mission backed by a non-profit foundation., formed in 2014, addresses the climate crises and threat to the environment. The company intends to slowly, surely and steadily, expand its influence-footprint globally — to motivate people to truncate their environmental footprints. “Ducky […]