Think Like Einstein


Neuro-Visual & Linguistic Syntax Encoding [NVLSE] is the high point of the most up-to-date success coaching method called the Rapid Dream Goal Achievement System. It is ‘pooled’ with audio CDs for high impact cognitive encoding. NVLSE is also, quite simply, the most pioneering element of brainpower technology complemented by RX17 Holophonic sounds.

How to use Neuro-Visual & Syntax Encoding [NVLSE] like a genius a la Albert Einstein — this was one big question one of my clients asked sometime ago.

  • Look at the puzzle in many different ways
  • Change your first impression of it into modular perceptions
  • Come up with a unique perception, not yet heard of, and decide to work on it
  • Leonardo da Vinci knew how to acquire knowledge about a puzzle; you will discover how to reshape your perceptions, dream bigger dreams, write details down.
  • Go into NVLSE programming, but first start with oxygenation development
  • Enter the alpha state, invoke your future memories of success, and you start invoking the Universal Law of Infinite Intelligence — you now start to impress your creative expressions to promote the creative process
  • By training the mind to think laterally and logically without doubt, or anxiety, you attract your dream goals
[Are you constantly on the go without daily reflection and deliberation for assessment and diagnosis of your progress? If so, then, too bad, you are suffocating your creative power, condemning yourself to fear and anxiety, ending up alone and feeling under threat. This is not healthy; it is not going to bear fruit of your hard work].

Every truly successful man or woman, footballer, cricketer, basketball player, leader, entrepreneur, or pop star, are coached and helped throughout their journey to success.

If you think you can do it all by yourself, you’d be disillusioned. You will not reach the summit of true success.

Einstein, da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and several modern achievers, including entrepreneurs, have sought silence, and retreated into a world of adventure, fantasies, and dreams, in order to allow themselves to live their dreams, and lead a blessed life.

  • When you come out of your retreat, after consulting with your mentor, or coach, remember to anticipate errors along the way. Allow errors to occur; also, embrace errors in order to generate excellence
  • Allow incongruence to become apparent, like the Austrian monk, Gregor Mendel. Mix mathematics and biology to give birth to new science
  • Become aware of sound and imagery. The more aware you become, the more distinct your ideal is formed, and the sooner you will have created a unique system. Da Vinci allowed sound and imagery to embed like waveforms — the sound of bell and the stone rippling the waters. From this observation, he realised that sound journeys in waves
  • The law of opposites is a common thread in physics. Neils Bohr pictured that by holding opposites together, you suspend your thinking, so that your mind travels to a new dimension. His neuro-visual encoding saw light as particle and wave — this allowed him to conceive of the rules of complementarities. Allowing logic to step aside can open up one’s neurological pathways to create new forms
  • Philosophical metaphors are part of the genius mind training. Aristotle asserted that if man allows his mind to perceive resemblances between two separate areas of existence and attach both they would be individuals with great gifts.
  • The law of perseverance dictates that whenever you give up just because you failed in your first attempt, you will end up doing something totally different and repeating the same pattern of behaviour. Analyse, assess, test, and observe the behaviour of the product, or service, you are engaged in, and see when you can make changes to it, in order to give rise to another better production than the initial outcome. Don’t focus on why did you fail; rather, focus on how fascinating the possibilities of this new creation are, whatever it might be.
  • In ancient Greece, philosophers fiercely debated on the virtue of the virtuous person — to exercise patience. The 19th century artist Paul Cezanne [1839-1906] is known for his long-held passion to ‘deliver’ his exhibitions, ever since he was 22. Lecole des Beaux Arts denied him entry, but his perseverance and patience paid off. He delivered his first solo exhibition at age 56
[NVLSE is founded on the principles of genius minds and how what we call our own Dream Goal Achievement Programme to be the most influential and successful self-help coaching system on the market].

It is an investment opportunity and an investment idea that can make profit, not just in the monetary sense, but in a moral sense. It will inform, educate, and empower individuals to speed up their pervasive recognition of their dream goals, be it to overcome an illness, crisis, start a business, or make a billion dollars.

The secret always is, doubtless, in the strategy and application of NeuroVisual & Linguistic Syntax Encoding [NVLSE].