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The Crypto Conundrum

PARIBHA VASHIST With a Latin American country recently ‘making history’ by accepting the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as a legal tender for all economic transactions, cryptocurrencies have come into the limelight again. Heated debates on the long-term sustainability of bitcoins as a medium of exchange, and the cropping up of terms like ‘cryptocurrency bubble’ and ‘dollarisation’ in […]

They Unveiled A Paradigm Shift

PARIBHA VASHIST When you look back on the reign of the six principal Mughal emperors, based on historical records, this is how you’ll perceive them: Babur founded the grand empire on Indian soil, but the heat in this subcontinent made him regard ‘Hindustan’ as a foreign land; Humayun lost this newly-founded empire to Sher Shah […]

[Un]equal Equation

PARIBHA VASHIST  There are certain evils, in every society, that exist and perpetuate with time. And, in an effort to radically uproot such evils, a reign of brutal violence and terror is unleashed. In India, the inequalities arising as a result of the caste system is one such abomination. We like to believe that we […]

Of Agony & Solemnity

PARIBHA VASHIST The recent unexpected and tragic demise of a celebrated Bollywood actor left the entire nation in shock and despair. This incident sparked a series of debates on the issue of mental health and depression. “From desire comes sorrow,” is a Buddhist aphorism for looking at depression, attributed to materialistic attachments and also constant […]

Nehruvian Panorama

PARIBHA VASHIST I ‘inherited’ a rustic copy of the book, An Autobiography, by Jawaharlal Nehru, the architect of modern India, or rather, found it desolately [considering that books have emotions] lying in my father’s old bookshelf, untouched for over a decade, as if pleading to be read. This book aroused my interest the moment it […]

Wealth From Waste

PARIBHA VASHIST India is home to a variety of crops, thanks to its vast diversity in agro-climatic conditions. With myriad opportunities to gain profit from selling agricultural produce, farmers are aiming to increase the annual crop production by growing all kinds of seasonal crops and indulging in food processing activities. This means they have a […]