There are a plethora of websites on literature, the arts and sciences, wellness, lifestyle and, most importantly, diet in every society across the world. The result? You have a whole new, convoluted canvas of information/knowledge matrix, aside from health-, cultural-, and spiritual-consciousness, lost and also found.

The upshot is apparent. People are getting increasingly eager to learn and use good things in life. This encompasses health, wellness, and integrative practices within the framework of not only conventional wisdom but also knowledge outside of it, too.

A novel sign of the times, you may well say. Inference: more and more people want reliable information — information they can trust.

Why The Integrative Post?

Articles, meditations, critiques, and columns, on life, literature, culture, health, wellness, philosophy, and integrative spirituality, for the common man, are dime a dozen. They provide loads of information, yes — but, not what most people want. Besides, the trouble with most is: they seem to offer the easiest of solutions to the most complex of problems, including a penchant to giving ‘off-hand’ prescriptions — and, ‘miracle’ solutions, if not cures.

Not a good thing, you’d agree.

It is precisely in this connection that The Integrative Post scores a valid, striking point.

A publication based on the right to reliable, knowledgeable information, for everyone, in a manner that is easily comprehensible, accessible, and designed to have a long shelf-life, good reading value, and also recall.

A publication you’d, as a reader, can tangibly trust — and, also grow with.


The Integrative Post is keyed to the arts, the sciences, literature, culture, natural living, health, philosophy, and spirituality, aside from the rapidly-expanding, and scientifically acknowledged, area of mind-body, nutritional and integrative medicine and wellness.

All articles, essays, critiques, and meditations, at The Integrative Post, written by subject experts, physicians, medical/health/well-being professionals and writers, conform to high-quality standards — not ‘off-hand,’ or overtly, even covertly, pontificating, easy-to-use, ‘DIY-kit’ for every problem/question/illness.


The Integrative Post stands out in terms of its quality editorial content and reliability. It also has a slick, sophisticated look, feel, and design — a healthy and wholesome treat for the eye and mind.

Thanks for your patience.

Welcome aboard — and, be a part of a whole, new integrative [w]holistic movement… TODAY!


Acknowledgments: All subject pix, by courtesy of: PEXELS/PIXABAY