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Chronicle Of Sleep Disorders Told

By RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR There is no clear-cut definition for sleep disorders. In general, however, a sleep disorder represents a disturbance of the individual’s normal sleep patterns. Clinicians suggest that there are over 75 different types of sleep disorders. Though not all of them fit the outline, most sleep affections include mental, psychological, or physical conditions, which ‘block’ our […]

Forever King

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Elvis Presley was not born rich; he came from a poor Mississippi family. Yet, he enriched music, like no other singer — before, or after him, primarily because he  showed a rare gift for music, at an early age. In the process, he absorbed all the styles related to a host of genres, […]

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Hope: Our Best Bet

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR One had always thought that global war, or the somber chronicle of religious strife, was over — a case of not just an allegory agreed upon, but old hash. But history, or war, isn’t over as yet. This is because we still haven’t arrived at the magical intersection: the promised land of happiness, […]

The Monteverdi Allure

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Claudio Monteverdi was one of music’s greatest composers. He was his own symphony, and magnum opus. A martinet classicist, Monteverdi, quite simply, never ever compromised on what he thought was exact — be it a note, or a theme. He is fondly remembered, today, as the primal composer of L’Orfeo, albeit his most famous […]

Bannister’s Magic Run

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR He’s a British sporting hero upholding impeccable standards, an archetypal athlete, strong in both will and mind. Self-effacing, suave, and gracious, he also — in the truly Churchillian sense — espoused the famed bulldog tenacity, a never-say-die attitude that’s remarkably inconsistent, if not wanting, with modern British athletes. Adaptable, creative, practical, he was […]

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Change Revisited

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Noted psychologist and celebrated visionary Abraham Maslow once wrote, “Life is moving far more rapidly now than ever before… in the rate of growth of facts, knowledge, techniques, and inventions.” He also said, “We need a different kind of human being, able to live in a world which changes perpetually, who has been […]