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Celebrate Gratitude

ABHA IYENGAR Well, there it is. When the initial euphoria and passion are over, most relationships settle down into a period of contentment, acceptance and understanding. But, to reach such stage — of understanding and — contentment, a lot of adjustments are required. Two individuals have to learn to live with each other and each […]

The Butterfly Effect

ABHA IYENGAR During my one of visits to Mumbai, I boarded a local train at Churchgate Railway Station. As I stepped into the train, I made sure it was the ladies’ compartment. It was unexpectedly empty, but for one young girl, whose face sported a crimson countenance. Blame it on constant exposure to the scorching, […]

Of Faith, Belief & Trust

ABHA IYENGAR It is important to work with trust, belief and faith. It begins with faith in yourself, and then having faith in others. This is especially important in the relationship between two partners who aim to go through life supporting and being with one another. When we commit ourselves to a relationship, we are […]

It Takes Two To Tango

ABHA IYENGAR Relationships need to be nurtured for sustenance and commitment. Care is required to maintain any relationship once the initial exhilaration is over. More than anything else, a deep commitment is required to make the relationship not only work, but also last — to become profound and more meaningful over time. And, this requires […]