Reversing Anxieties


All of us have our concerns and anxieties about our future success, sustainability and security. It is a formidable mix. The saving grace is: it can be secured by our comprehension of our neuropsychology, and then putting that understanding into practice.

How do we put our understanding into practice? Well, if you understand neural correlative consciousness, and neural association of pain and pleasure, you will unlock the mystery of what makes one person a success, and another a failure.


Stay away from the hype of ‘becoming millionaire’ books, CDs, and audio success programmes and promises. Get science facts, and don’t say “I can” until you ‘comprehend’ the structure and function of what makes A get to B = results.

We do not get results by thinking positive, or by having an ‘intention’ and taking action, but by first ‘comprehending.’ If you are coached by a success NLP coach, please demand a neuropsychology explanation.

When you enroll in an academic course, you don’t get your teacher telling you to be positive, have intention, have faith, have love, and start that company, and hey, presto, you succeed.

You are obliged to ‘comprehend’ and write an assignment, or dissertation, sit the exam paper, and justify you have understood the subject of your related business, vision, and goal. Now, you will need the experience to make it big in the big, wide world of business.


If what I have just said is untrue, then Anthony Robbins, the father of success mind programming, would not have bothered to send his children to a private school to ensure that they get a first-class education. After all, he is a success guru, so why didn’t he keep his children at home, and motivate them to succeed by teaching them the law of intention, belief, and positive thinking alone? Think about it.

Freedom education is not so much about academic qualification, but is it so much about  ‘comprehension.’ You do not need a PhD to comprehend what makes 1+1 = 2, but you must endeavour to ‘comprehend’ a process of success before you can have an intention, or positive belief, and love. After all, many success lovers have the ‘intention,’ the positivity, the passion, but they don’t seem to ‘comprehend’ the function or structure that motivates them to become permanently successful.

I am not suggesting that you should sit an exam paper to become successful. I am saying that you must do your homework, get educated about the subject of psychology of success, demand a scientific explanation, backed by academic research, and be coached by an academic expert in the area of neuropsychology — in the same way academic students are taught at universities. Your teacher, or coach, should be able to use a language that you understand — because teachers are trained to meet your need, and not the other way around.


While you are preparing to start a business, you can empower yourself by allocating a specific time for basic understanding of what I have instructed you to implement already. I have included the most important learning strategies for you: instructive information and practical knowledge that you can exercise. So, follow through with passionate desire and a steely determination to win.

I remember. In the 1990s, before I overcame my illiteracy, no matter how much I tried to be positive, have intention, take action, love, be in a state of gratitude, things were simply wishy-washy. I lived in a wishful world, achieving zero results. Why?  Because, I tried to implement the millionaire-mindset without understanding the function and structure of thinking, or what goes on in our brain. Though positive thinking was nice, it gave me some hope, but it did not make me rich in any sense of the imagination, until I began to comprehend the conation factor of the mind.

I became what I am now only when I clarified my purpose, established my mission, learned to ignite my emotions and implemented the conative factors of the mind. You could do this too, right now, while overcoming your anxieties — and, success will be yours… sooner than later.