Get Wired To Life


The whole programme of success I have presented, so far, in The Integrative Post, should be your holistic business, also life, work process. Why? Because it allows you to use your spiritual, psychological, and neuroscience awareness, each time you find yourself uncertain about the next action that you must keep taking in order to succeed.

I’ve discussed a whole new world of conative power, all right, but I’ve said little about neuropsychology. Research keeps telling us that we are born with conative power.

Imagine having an electrical switch in your home, and never using it; imagine we are told that there is a switch that can light your house, but people who have never experienced access knowledge to use the switch, and light the house, will think you’ve gone wacky. Unless they experience it, they will remain sceptical.


Neuropsychology research involves assessment, comprehension, and modification of brain-behaviour relationship. It basically looks at the neural structural network that produces and controls behaviour; it also involves studying mental events, emotions, personality, thinking, learning, and memory, from which consciousness unifies the person into the precinct of the conative soul power far beyond human understanding. Each of these characteristics correlates with one another, of course, and they influence internal/external mental and physical events.

This unified field of conative power influences our health too, according to the kind of training and behaviour we display every day, in our thoughts and feelings. This field is also responsible for the aging process, brain structure, related physiological events, and understanding psycho-neuro-immunology — the field that involves the study of how to understand the complex communication system that exists between the brain and immune systems, including their implications on physical health.

The more involved you are in the passionate pursuit of your dream goals, the more fuel you give your immune system, and the more creative you become.


If you are serious about business, do something that differentiates you from everyone else. Create your own niche. Be bold, be brave, and be different. Your brain and nervous system feed on creativity and passion.

The brain is designed to learn, to habituate itself to certain behavioural patterns. It is responsible for all the whys and hows we process, aside from the mental informational processes, such as what you hear, say, smell, touch, feel and intuit.

You are in constant co-creation of your reality, of what you communicate to yourself, how you feel, how you learn etc., In neurolinguistic terms, we find that the way we use language inwardly and outwardly affects our life, changes the environment, and the way we live. This is why there is so much emphasis on ‘how to think’ and ‘how to feel.’ This is why I’ve presented a whole new idea on brain programming which you may use for yourself to embrace success. It is the first and the ultimate tool you’d apply to make anything possible in life.


Each individual’s brain is wired differently, a creation of native biological structure, a product of thought, of desire, of past experiences, of past teaching, of past learning, of past dietary habits, of past physical exercise, hereditary patterns, learned responses, and personality, of past psychological abuse, past fears and anxieties, and a host of other factors. Clinically, neuropsychologists work so damn hard to educate us and to help us sort out the factors that influence how the brain is working. It also helps us to take charge of our whims, dare to comprehend ourselves better, achieve a productive orientation, and also render our future a masterpiece of art.

Once you truly comprehend that every action has an equal and opposite reaction — Newton’s Third Law — you can access your conative power, and begin to learn, develop, and implement.

Let me recap quickly what you should remember.

You know its identity: Rapid Planning Method. It consists of three parts:

  • The result you want to achieve. What is it?
  • Your purpose for wanting it, i.e., — Why you want that outcome?
  • Your massive action plan. Identify them, implement, and keep taking action.

History is replete with success stories that show how anyone, who has achieved, is hailed as a great entrepreneur, or rewarded in public for their successes, has spent a great deal of time taking massive action in private. This includes private sessions of brain entrainment, incantation, high impact aerobic classes, rehearsing a belief system of success, taking notes, self-assessment, continually learning new methods and strategies of success, and above all, taking massive action.

Anthony Robbins, father of success psychology, relates how athletes like ‘Tiger’ Woods spend years practicing before they ever make it into the public eye. They have a desired outcome, a strong enough reason why they want to achieve the goal, and they spend years working at it. As a result, the average person mistakes their years of focused work and experience for ‘natural talent’ and ‘luck.’ Right? Wrong.

Because, you too can attain what great people have achieved — if only you take care to stand out in your quest for knowledge, wisdom, and excellence… in life, career, and wellness.