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A Shared Life

GAYATRI PAGDI The invite made me wonder. It was an erstwhile neighbour’s fourth wedding. Sheer misfortune had seen him lose his first two wives in a period of ten years, one after another. He was now trying his luck at matrimony, again. But, when did the third marriage happen? His second wife had passed away […]

‘Drive’ To Achieve

ANDRE ZIZI The law of attraction does not pull towards you riches out of thin air. It also does not attract the abundance you want, or wish, by just thinking positive like we are often led to believe. However this maybe, the Four Psychological Drives, that I’m going to explain in this piece, do attract […]

Arithmetic Of Success

ANDRE ZIZI In my first article, I delved into and also espoused the idea why you should trust your instinct [The Integrative Post, May 1, 2016] to do well in life. In this piece, I connect your instinct to success — or, what makes your instinct your road-map to success. First, let’s relate ourselves to […]

The Instinct Paradigm

ANDRE ZIZI First things, first. Learning and comprehending emerge with the understanding that you don’t have to be a genius to make your dreams come true. But, the fact is: unless you have a dream, you won’t know what to do too, and where to go. When you have established what you desire with a […]

Rebound Your Intellect

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN Any person actively committed to sustainable development should keep one’s eyes open to happenings in society. This helps us to ‘catch’ certain behavioural signals, which when analysed by one’s intellect, against the backdrop of their personal commitments and beliefs, may not present as deterrents to efforts being made to usher in sustainable development. […]