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Whither Women’s Rights?

GAYATRI PAGDI Remember Kiranjit Ahluwalia from Provoked? I was reminded of her story again, just the other day. One of the issues widely discussed in India today is domestic violence against women. Violence, as we know, need not always be physical – yet, the consequences are as deadly. The signs, however, aren’t obvious to an […]

Mahatma Gandhi 150

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Earnestness, it is aptly said, is the font of authority or authenticity, where ‘auto’ means ‘self’ — your original instrument and ‘entea’ — or tool connotes communication. This explains why our credibility as a speaker or leader in any field of activity, for example, is directly correlated to the extent to which the audience […]

Of Profit & Morality-1

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN It is as simple as simple is. Also, complex. A consistent profit-forgoing approach in one part of the world cannot be sustained in the presence of a voracious profit-seeking in another. This is because understanding the thought process of citizens of our Global Village is as important as refining and consolidating one’s own […]

The Long & Short Of Ghost-Writing

JAWAHAR NIDAMBOOR “Nobody but a blockhead,” as Dr Samuel Johnson said, “ever wrote, except for money.” That the good, old Johnson could have, perforce, included ghost-writers in that position, no less — if only he had fancied them — is passé. Realistically speaking, it’d have been fair too, in an equation with such an unmistakable […]

Can Spirituality & Religion Halt Climate Change?

TEMO DIAS In times of global turmoil full of social divisiveness and mounting controversy, it may seem odd to emphasize the importance of spiritual institutions in our drive to halt climate change. However, faith-based delegations flocked to this year’s UN Climate Change Conference, COP24, in Katowice, Poland, from all corners of our planet. Indigenous leaders, […]

There’s Hope Yet

 VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN India is a big-government country. From the national, state and city to village levels, there are millions of ‘babus’ with permanent jobs — some of them sinecures as well — entrusted with responsibilities. Of managing, sustaining and developing the systems around them and promoting social welfare, and happiness in the best of cases, […]