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Awaken The Gift Within

NELRESSA MONIQUE-STALLINGS As the calendar turns to a new month, many resolutions have been put away with the rest of the already-old, New Year activities. However, for many of us, it’s still a time of new beginnings. A new beginning, a fresh outlook on spirituality and, perhaps, a course for how it will affect our […]

Melody’s Vision

NELRESSA MONIQUE-STALLINGS Psychics often bring insightful insights to your success in finance, career, love life, family, health issues, spirituality, and more. When you think of the word, psychic, what comes to your mind? Usually for me it would conjure up thoughts about crystal balls, colourful stones or gypsy-dressed women loosely hanging out in front of […]

Tolle Revisited

NELRESSA MONIQUE-STALLINGS You’d never have been so deeply moved by a book as you will with A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. The book is more like a guide, or friend, to finding one’s purpose while on Earth — and, to become awakened. In so articulating your quintessential spiritual voyage, Tolle explores quotes from Jesus and Buddha […]

Believe What You Emote

NELRESSA MONIQUE-STALLINGS It is a big question. What is the greatest value you can achieve in your lifetime? Depending on one’s perspective, some of us might look at the question in different ways — what is the meaning of value, or do you mean success, or who determines success. We are taught to be ‘go-getters’ […]