Melody’s Vision


Psychics often bring insightful insights to your success in finance, career, love life, family, health issues, spirituality, and more. When you think of the word, psychic, what comes to your mind? Usually for me it would conjure up thoughts about crystal balls, colourful stones or gypsy-dressed women loosely hanging out in front of the doorway, trying to lure innocent passers-by into their den of deception  [Okay, a little over the top… but this is what I picture].


I met a gentleman Ben at an art exhibition held at the Philippine Embassy in New York City, US. Something was different about Ben, which isn’t saying much since most people in NYC are ‘different.’  But, he was different in a sense that his warm demeanour was genuine and sincere, quite uncommon in the cut-throat jungle that is NYC.

We got into a conversation, and exchanged our telephone numbers and promised to keep in touch. By the end of the following week we’d made plans to meet up with each other and his employer, a celebrity psychic named Melody Bard.

“Celebrity psychic, what does that mean?”  I thought to myself. Apparently, his employer has sure worked with the wealthiest international investors and well-known celebrities in the world. When I heard the confidential client list, I was impressed. It changed my perception of Melody, but the psychic ability thing I wasn’t so convinced yet.

Before going to meet with Melody I wondered what a true psychic really does — what is their job occupancy? Like I mentioned, at this point, they all represented the modern day peasants of society who believed in celebrating Halloween every day of the year, dressed in costume and wanting ‘tricks and treats’ in the form of cash. Either way, I decided to keep my scepticism to a bare minimum, just in case she truly was a psychic and could pick up my negative thoughts.

That Friday afternoon I came to her office located on Park Avenue in the heart of the busiest and richest corner of Manhattan — lots of money is exchanged daily. I was impressed by the location of her office.

I met up with Ben, who is Melody’s Personal Assistant and friend, and took the elevator to the 16th floor where her office is located. After stepping off the elevator and entering glass doors to be greeted by an affectionate secretary and a plush receptionist area, could you believe I actually felt a bit disappointed because I didn’t see any of the expected cheap drapery, tranquillity fountains, harp instrumentals and bad interior design you might find in a ‘psychic shop’ like on TV?

Moments later we walked down a long corridor and entered Melody’s office, which to me [surprise] did have the crystals and water fountain, but only as an added ambience to the dimly-lit room.


Melody was of average height, sporting normal attire [jeans and a white blouse], sandals, and full of personality. She had lots of spunk and charisma in the way a favourite aunt, or cousin, might greet you. We spoke briefly, but connected right away. After laughing and joking with her, I felt comfortable. Then, all of a sudden, she stopped speaking, lowered her head, closed her eyes and proceeded to blow my socks off.

One after the other, Melody would tell me explicit details about the people in my life and intimate facts that only a lover would know. At times the information came so unexpectedly I felt like I was slowly being undressed, piece by piece, with no control of the sudden exposure. I was shocked and amazed by the amount of accuracy she was able fill me with — from my father’s illness with diabetes to my future love life… to my career which would take me around the world.

I was so excited hearing the information she told me and the interesting people I would soon meet. “My life sounds so interesting,” I told Melody. It felt like listening to a preview of a courageous ‘rags-to-riches’ story soon-to-be-released at the theatres where the main starring actress was me. I truly understood at that moment why celebrities and clients from overseas travelled once a year to be ‘read’ by Melody — she is brilliant.


After an hour of amazement and fascination with Melody’s ‘reading’ she cut the recorder off [yes, I have evidence] and she said it was time to go. I didn’t want it to end, the feeling of joy and self-love filled me from within. All I could muster up between my tightly-arched grin was, “Wow… thank you…Wow… thank you…” I felt rejuvenated mentally, with lots of esteem and love. Melody gave me a ‘potion’ of encouragement, joy and happiness filled to the brim, needing to be spread to others for uplifting and nurturing. I wanted more, but our time was through. In a matter of an hour my life changed dramatically for the better. I felt I could do and accomplish anything.

Upon leaving, I again thanked Melody and Ben for their time and gave each of them a warm hug. I left that afternoon feeling so spiritually uplifted that I glowed from the inside out. I left behind my rags of scepticism about psychics forever.

A legitimate psychic who can bring insight to success in your finances, career, love life, family, health issues, spirituality and more — who would have thought this really existed? Melody not only helped me with spirituality and empowerment but, in turn, I was able to share the good feeling [happy-high as I like to refer to it] with others. She saw that I like to help others and her god-given talent helped me to continue my mission of helping.

If god gave us the talents to build bridges, towers, computers, and airplanes along with the creativity of dancing, writing, singing, sculpting, why should it be any different with psychics who hold the power to see our lives at a higher level?

Maybe, it is true: psychics are tapped into [the other] 90 per cent of our brain power that we do not use. I no longer doubt psychic ability from my personal experience with Melody and I feel their ability to help others to love themselves and use their own potential as being the greatest power and gift a person can give.

Unlike a counsellor, life coach, or psychologist, psychics aren’t speculating about what your life will bring. They let you know exactly how wonderful you already are and what great wonders you will achieve in your lifetime — to make this world a much better place to live.

Postscript: Melody Bard comes from a long line of psychics. She is the daughter of the famous world psychic medium Yolana who precisely named the location of the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, before his capture. Melody apprenticed with her mother for nearly twenty years and assumed her business and clients in 2007. She’s worked with the renowned parapsychologist, Han Holzer, PhD, not to speak of a confidential high-profile list of diplomats, law officials, CEOs, and entertainers. Melody practices in New York. She is open to the public for psychic readings, paranormal investigations, and dream interpretations. For more information about Melody and her practice: