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The Web Dilemma

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN Summertime in Trondheim, Norway, where I lived for a few years, is as lively as winter is dreary. The trees, in winter, are bare, the birds migrate to the south, and insects retire somewhere sub-terra to live out the cold. Come April-May, and life returns — from the lowest forms to the highest; quite like […]

What Inspires Lasts

FREYAZ SHROFF Whatever the type, or work, of your organisation, and your team, it needs to be fuelled by the core values that define your company. Peter Drucker, the noted author and educator, once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Better words have never been spoken. Here goes. According to a survey conducted by Bain […]

A Parable Like No Other

BADRINATH DURVASULA Most of us would have had some resolution in hand to implement during the New Year. Like every New Year. I wish to share a value-based story, which sure has a definitive imprint, or impact, in and on each of our lives and also propagates them for others and generations to come. The story […]

The Tomcat Connection

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN It was a cold winter morning in Glasgow. I had flown in from Oslo, with Varshita, my wife, for a conference. The alluring appeal of Scotland was compelling enough to coerce us to extend our sojourn by two days. We gave up the luxurious hotel room at the end of the conference, and […]

Get Wired To Life

ANDRE ZIZI The whole programme of success I have presented, so far, in The Integrative Post, should be your holistic business, also life, work process. Why? Because it allows you to use your spiritual, psychological, and neuroscience awareness, each time you find yourself uncertain about the next action that you must keep taking in order to […]

The Varsity Of Divine Law

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN Nothing surprises me anymore. Anything seems possible. The Good, the Bad or the Ugly. Any time. Anywhere. Any place. Justifications abound for everything that happens and for everything that does not. If man cannot find one, one just passes the buck to god. I could shoot and kill and say that it was […]

Freedom Redefined

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN I heard someone say the other day in a lecture — all of us will have cars someday. Not one, but perhaps two for a family of four. This is because we all crave for freedom. I was a bit shocked to hear this at the outset. It seemed to fly in the […]

A Prayer No Less

GAYATRI PAGDI It is part of the Indian cultural landscape, or canvas. A part of the traditional cultural calendar and ethos. Pitru Paksha, or the fortnight for ancestors, has just gone by. It’s a time when thousands of Hindus, the world over, as we know, remember their forefathers and perform sacred rituals for their souls to […]

A Shared Life

GAYATRI PAGDI The invite made me wonder. It was an erstwhile neighbour’s fourth wedding. Sheer misfortune had seen him lose his first two wives in a period of ten years, one after another. He was now trying his luck at matrimony, again. But, when did the third marriage happen? His second wife had passed away […]

The Art Of Good Parenting

BADRINATH DURVASULA “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark.” Yes, true to the Chinese proverb children are a mass of flesh and blood, akin to soft clay. This is something that can be moulded any which way one likes. The moulding is parenting; it projects the […]