Tell Me Why


You and I,
Are born to die
Then why the fear
Why, why, oh why?

A number of things are waiting to be cherished
Clutch on to them, or they’d perish
Come on, buck up. Pull up your socks
Stop mourning, or you’d be mocked.

You are the rainbow of someone’s skies
You are the apple of someone’s eyes
Then why do you grieve, loved ones
Why are your thoughts so saddened?

The ones who are loved are lucky enough
And you too have got what is real tough
Not everyone is showered with care and love
Affection upon you God has bestowed.

Oh, humble one, you might not be the best
But each person is unique from the rest
Now just get drenched in this euphoria
Stop struggling in the fetters of nostalgia.

Because you and I
Are born to die.
Then why the fear
Tell me, why, oh, why?