Feel Better In 10 Steps


You want to feel better all day long — but, you just don’t seem to have the zest, or energy, if not the urge. The reason is simple — lack of emotional and physical stamina. This could also take the vim, or ‘jazz,’ out of your work-life balance — no more, no less.

There’s help.

You can feel better and perk up your endurance without troubling yourself too much.

All you need to do is just ‘tweak’ a few things, from the inside-out, and ‘up’ your stamina, or mind-body energy levels. This will not only add more than a dash of new-found sparkle each day, but also elevate your quality of life [QoL].

1. De-Stress. You need some ‘stress-free’ downtime, because stress is the inevitable part of life. The problem also is many of us don’t get, or give, enough time to de-stress. Relaxation is important, because life is no zephyr. It is physically, emotionally and mentally challenging; sometimes, draining too. More so, after a long workday, taking care of children and navigating through E-mails, among other ‘must-do’ tasks. The result is — all of this and more can cut-down your ‘me-time.’ The outcome, again, is you feel you have missed out something — this could affect your ‘feel-better’ levels. The good, old mantra of sleeping well is also what you need the most — because, sleep is therapeutic. It helps you to de-stress and regain your ‘lost’ gusto.

2. Test your resilience to maintain healthy fitness levels and continue to burn that excess flab. Remember, you need to have a regular exercise schedule — a work-out that lasts 20-30 minutes, five days a week, to feel better. Not feel rundown. If you, on the contrary, ‘run’ or meander through your exercise, or walking programme, too quickly, or for the heck of it, your body gets ‘accustomed’ to it. The effect will be apparent — your ‘feel-better-mission,’ or energy levels, will not improve.

3. Picture success. Encourage yourself. Let go. Go for a walk. Or, swim. Push yourself to ‘scale up.’ Post a picture of your ‘idol,’ on your cell phone, for dynamism, mind control, or physique you wish you had. Or, use anything that ‘ups’ your focus. You will soon be inspired to keep going a bit longer than you did before, because you are experiencing a ‘peek’ of what you’d look like — fit, strong, dynamic, and energetic, as you’d imagined yourself to be.

4. Eat right. Your diet is just as important as exercise. Eat a balanced diet — replete with proteins, healthy fat, fruit, veggies, and whole grains. Don’t go for ‘fad’ diets. Ensure balance — say ‘no’ to limited, or restricted, diets, or ‘low-carbs,’ because it can lead to yearning for sugar, or pizza. Try healthy versions of food with a dash of extra virgin olive oil. Eat an apple, or banana, on your way to work, or the gym, as an instant energy boost. Take a multivitamin-mineral pill, along with your regular meal — let the good nutrient ‘mix’ lead to synergy.

5. Keep going. Don’t let life’s changes throw you off-balance, but remember that the most difficult circumstances are transitory. Try to be friends with yourself and gain more clarity, or insight, by staying the course and channelling your energy with a positive frame of mind.

6. Trust yourself. Believe in your inner resources, no matter what, and you’ll grow from the experience. Learn to believe that all the answers are within you and you are smart enough to figure out what you need to do. Give yourself a little time. Have patience.

7. Recognise that disappointment is part of life. Remember too that the most successful people have to deal with disappointment, sometime or the other. The only thing is they’ve learned how to ‘transform’ frustration to reach the next level.

8. Speak up. Indulge in self-talk. Love yourself. Personalise your daily affirmations with your own avowals, “I feel at my best always.” “I am winning at my workplace.” Repeat your ‘mantra’ whenever, or wherever you can — in your mind.

9. Visualise and ‘breath-in’ energy. Focus on your energy centre, also called as the second chakra — two inches below your belly button — for a few minutes, before you start your day, a meeting, or presentation on the job.

10. Meditate. Meditation is the act of focusing on your natural energy within the body. Breathe deeply and calmly, with your eyes closed for 20-30 minutes, every day.

You will witness, nay experience, a tangible turnaround vis-à-vis your feel-good-factor, or energy levels — for the good — sooner than you’d have ever imagined.