Self-Help. Best Help



We are all conscious of the power of self-help, or New Age, books. Yet, the point is books, or no books — each of us has a self-help resource within us that, when properly used, might save us a trip to the bookstore.

What it is, you may well ask. It is all a question of using your imagination for the higher purposes of your own welfare. This includes academics, or work, or home life. To use your imagination, you need not resort to buying expensive books, or gadgets, including self-help books. For example, whenever I am dispirited, I close my eyes and imagine that I am in an isolated place in nature — in a flower-filled meadow, or a lovely sun-baked beach in the Caribbean. I imagine it now – and, I am there.

So, can you. It’s simple. By imagining yourself in a nurturing situation you begin to have the same physical and emotional effects as actually being there. I believe that all of us constantly generate a flow of mental images and mentally-induced situations. At any given moment, for instance, we are all formulating ideas, worrying about something, picturing a past event, or day-dreaming about the future. When we use such images to our advantage, we can not only help ourselves… but also others. If this ain’t ‘self-help,’ what is?

To pick another example. All great men and women, down through the ages, have actively encouraged their imagination. In so doing, they have recognised, or recognise, that imagination provides them access to unconscious processes related to health, illness, and spirituality. Here’s one method I follow: I use repeated ‘counter’ mental images and/or creative imagery for a few moments of quietude every day. Through this process, I’m able to draw in positive life energies. Such energies, I feel, help me produce changes for the better. They also not only help me to ease stress, and promote self-healing, they are also endowed with the power to help you achieve your goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Your ‘self-help book’ is within your own imagination. Just use it, and enjoy the benefits. Or, if you’d find ‘doing-it-yourself’ a tad difficult, just walk across to your favourite bookstore and pick up a title that you think will help you best.

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