Say No To Stress



Nobody is exempt from stress. It is an omnipresent, signature-tune of life. Stress can unquestionably trigger a host of undesirable effects on our system and lead to emotional concerns — including major health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke etc., One common form of stress management to beat the ‘pressure,’ as it were, that anyone could think of is, thus, predictable — relaxation, meditation, or enthralling vacations in captivating locations, protracted massage sessions, a Caribbean cruise and/or shortened work schedules.

Here’s more — if you don’t have such an idea, or course of action, or processes, in your stress supervision attaché case. You’d sure use them, with good effect, to get over your stresses — and, in the best manner possible.

Recognise your ‘shortfall.’ Be open. Frank. When you are candid, you awaken the compassion in you, including the flaws that come with it. You will also be able to create an inner environment of synchronisation, healing or optimism and also handle stressful situations in life well.

Bond with core values. All of us have our own handbag of core values — big, or small — which guides our life and destiny. When we ‘dump’ our core values, even if it’s just one among the many we value, we feel brusquely out of tune with ourselves. So, keep a close watch on the equation of harmonious living — you will be much better off for, and with, it.

Get glued to the basics. When you are too obsessed in the details of your professional career, you do not pay attention to your natural instincts. You overlook your own genuine needs, or feelings. There is a way. Take some time off from your regular chores, and plunge yourself into a relaxed meditation session for 15-20 minutes, every day.

Think in another way. Do not always think with a ‘straight-jacketed’ approach to dealing with stress. For example, if you feel or find you have a problem at work, you would do well to coddle in self-talk. The upshot? You will be astounded with your own veiled, or latent, capabilities.

Laugh. Yes — because, laughter is the best medicine. Laughing your heart out has deep therapeutic effects — it is said to work even better than exercise. Laughing helps discharge just as much endorphins, the feel-good chemical, as does a session of vigorous aerobic exercise.

‘To hell’ with schedules and planned holidays. Stress management does not ask for a planned, pricey, or hurried voyage to a serene location. It calls for some of the exceptionally straightforward, easy-on-the-pocket, or abundant, simple pleasures of life — like spending quality time alone, or with family, friends, or a riveting book in hand, aside from watching a comedy.

Food for thought. Stick to a balanced diet regime. Take a multivitamin pill, fortified with B-vitamins, as part of your daily plan. You’d, in addition, take a calcium-magnesium complex. Magnesium is known to reduce the rigours of heightened anxiety and stress. A daily vitamin C pill also eases the drag of stress, or the song of your frenzied burden and its accompanying distress. Speak to your physician, or a healthcare professional, as regards optimal dosages.

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