Live In The Moment



The essence of time, along with space, holds the pivot to metaphysics. It also finds representation in a host of things that exists in nature. How? With the passing of every event in our life, we feel it only for a ‘short-lived’ moment. Once the moment is over, we speak of things as being only a part of what-was-as-it-was, at some point of time. Of the past, not the present. Likewise, for each passing night, we become older by a day.

You and I feel as if time is always slipping away from us, or we just don’t have the capacity to stopping it. This thought is erroneous — more so, because not all of us look at time from the depths of our consciousness. Of time being the eternal spring without an end. Of time in eternity that belongs to us all — of time with which we are always capable of pumping-in renewed energy into our life.

When we reflect on the spirit of all things as nature intended them to be, we establish the belief that we should live in the moment, the all-encompassing present-moment. When we savour every part of this present-moment, and make it the purpose of our life, we also begin to look at everything with profound wisdom. That the present alone is all-inclusive, and that everything else is but a game of chess in the perimeter of our past. For some, this is also a paradox, the greatest folly — because our next moment may not exist anymore than it does. It tends to disappear just as swiftly as it comes, or fade like a ‘dream state’ not worth our effort.

With all the chaos that exists around us, there’s good reason for us to live and evolve in the ever-fleeting present. This highlights a form of repetitive activity too — one that does not seem like taking us to the possibility of finding the reality for which we are all striving for. Yet, it does. Just think of yourself as a flamboyant batsman, who must keep scoring runs at will — if you drift into your shell, you will fail miserably. To keep going, you’ve to engage yourself in your natural game, not play like a grafter, balancing on one’s thumb. This also relates to a gymnast’s pyrotechnics. A gymnast would fall flat on one’s face, if there’s no urgency climbing the next level.

The two paradigms connote the reality of our existence — living in the midst of chaos, or mind’s turbulence. That it’s okay to be what you are — as you are.

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