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Sublime. Resonant. Divine

ABHA IYENGAR When I first received a copy of The Magic of Gayatri for review, I thought to myself, “Yet another rendition of the Gayatri Mantra in an already filled-to-capacity market?” Nope — I was pleasantly surprised. First, the story of the creation of this musical CD album. It is just as fascinating as its […]

Two Divine

GAYATRI PAGDI  Myths regarding divinity — right from the most archaic exemplars of culture to the most complex and sophisticated thoughts — are amazing spiritual creations. When it comes to deities, gods, goddesses and celestial beings of different types, diverse aboriginal cultures reflect remarkable archetypal contents. The concept of divine twins is one of them. […]

Know Your SQ

MURALI MENON There is a great truth hidden behind the following Zen story. Of how a burden can be made and used as a bridge for progress. A Zen master watches an ant carrying a piece of straw that seems too a big burden for it. The ant, he says, comes to a crack in […]