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Just ‘Can’ Be Without the Other

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN The ‘one’ is religion and the ‘other’ is science. These two have been at loggerheads for many years. The church — or, for that matter, any religious institution — is deemed to be retrogressive by forward-thinking philosophers and scientists; while the latter have been branded as heretics by the former. This tussle continues, […]

Of Prayer & Meditation

ACHUTHA BACCHALLI It’s always interesting to witness the connectivity spoor that exists between our consciousness and its seed in us. There are, likewise, innumerable modes through which this connection is elucidated by our spiritual masters — past and present. Interestingly, the most tangible finding of all mystics relates itself to the close relationship of chaos […]

God’s Light Effect

GAYATRI PAGDI The Moon waxes, wanes, and disappears. It also appeals to the ‘nocturnal domain of our mind.’ It has an existence that is subject to the Universal Law of ‘becoming’ life and death. The Sun, on the other hand, has always been itself — the giver of life. Ancient cultures describe the Sun as […]