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Sugar Control

JAWAHAR NIDAMBOOR Diabetes mellitus, or diabetes as most of us know, is a disorder in which the islets in the pancreas fail to secrete adequate insulin, or it can be the body’s decreased ability to use insulin. Diabetes mellitus, in Greek, means ‘a passing through of sweetness.’ This relates to the passing of sugar-rich urine […]

Music = Best Medicine

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Got a tension headache? Don’t gulp a pill. Just reach out to music. Your favourite tune,or melody. Research suggests that when you ‘tap’ into your much-loved music piece, you ‘will’ yourself to relax and ‘rip’ your headache buzz. Or, do you suffer from asthmatic distress? Just ease your respiratory spasm with music. It […]

Joint Action

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Osteoarthritis is a bone-joint disorder. In a purely literal sense, it simply means inflammation of one or more joints. Here is everything you wanted to know about the disorder, but did not ask… There are many forms, or types, of arthritis. It is estimated that there are over one hundred or more types […]

Gym Safely

SANJIV NIDAMBOOR The gym, as you know, is a great place for fitness. It can also, at times, present you with problems — some small, some big. To achieve gym balance, it is most essential for you to understand and follow certain safety programmes. The Integrative Post presents a handy peek at what you ought to […]

Stop Aging With Good Nutrition

LOREDANA ORTIZ Good nutrition awareness is an important part of any good anti-aging programme. Good nutrition gives your body and mind the nutrients they require; they also give you adequate energy to perform your much-needed daily exercising. It will help your supplements work better since there are some supplements that are fat soluble and, thus, […]

MS: Eating Right Helps

LOREDANA ORTIZ Multiple sclerosis [MS] is a debilitating disease. There are no quick answers for the malady, albeit nature knows best to ease the disorder — gently and also effectively. You gotcha it correct — nutritional medicine is often handy to speeding up recovery time for MS patients. First things first. There’s a shortfall of […]