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Imagery Rules

RYAN HARRISON Have you ever considered the power of your imagination? Some believe it is a person’s least utilised health resource. Dr Martin L Rossman, Co-Founder of the Academy for Guided Imagery, US, states that imagination “can be used to remember and recreate the past, develop insight into the present, influence physical health, enhance creativity […]

PMS, Menopause & Depression

RICHARD FIRSHEIN Nora Samuels, aged fifty-six, had gone through menopause, six long years ago; she was still suffering hot flashes. She had initially tried hormone-replacement therapy [HRT], but the medications had made her feel even worse than she had before she began treatment. Over the years, her symptoms had increased. If her hot flashes let […]

All About Functional Foods

JAWAHAR NIDAMBOOR Functional foods represent natural foods that provide health-promoting and disease-preventing benefits in the body. When you consume functional foods on a regular basis you will be able to reduce the risk of illness. This can further help your physician in the management of several diseases, including heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, menopausal issues, osteoporosis, […]