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Vitamin E: The Fount Of Youth

RICHARD FIRSHEIN There are some puzzles in life that medicine may never decode, some holy grails we may never capture. One of these is the possibility of eternal youth. The mystery of longevity intrigues me as much as most people. When I observe elderly patients who have defied statistics and are enthusiastically enjoying long lives, […]

More Than A Question Of ‘Waste’ Line

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Being thin is the best element one could have on their CV. You may be wrong. Because, when you look around and ‘picture’ successful people with big waistlines, you’d possibly know the truth. Big waistlines represent good fortune and prosperity. The longer the belt, the shorter the life, in medical parlance, corresponds to […]

The Story Of Sleep

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN Sleep disorders are far more variegated and complex than you think. The causative factors are numerous and the complementary, synergistic effects they have, make this a challenging field for physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists. It is also more psychosomatic than one can imagine. This piece is a ‘free’ translation of a booklet this writer […]