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[Un]equal Equation

PARIBHA VASHIST  There are certain evils, in every society, that exist and perpetuate with time. And, in an effort to radically uproot such evils, a reign of brutal violence and terror is unleashed. In India, the inequalities arising as a result of the caste system is one such abomination. We like to believe that we […]

It Takes Two To Tango

ABHA IYENGAR Relationships need to be nurtured for sustenance and commitment. Care is required to maintain any relationship once the initial exhilaration is over. More than anything else, a deep commitment is required to make the relationship not only work, but also last — to become profound and more meaningful over time. And, this requires […]

Greta Vista

VENKATESH GOVINDARAJAN  This is a ‘play’ on the title of one of Leo Tolstoy’s short stories. It continues to be true today. Well, parents must pause and listen to what their daughters have to say; teachers in the developing world — there is a decent degree of equality in the developed world — must learn […]

True Success

ANDRE ZIZI The stream waves of emotions drive us to inspiration and elevation. Reason? Effective life mastery comes from a deep[er] awareness of the stream waves of consciousness that lies within us. This knowledge can only be activated and acted upon when one makes the time for learning and comprehends the neuro-dynamics of their association. […]

Centibillionaires Are Upon Us

PETER ISACKSON A year ago, there was only one person in the world whose fortune clocked in at over [US]$100 billion. At the time when Jeff Bezos reached that plateau, most people felt that because it was so exceptional, the English language didn’t need a specific word to describe that category of person. Now, Bloomberg informs […]

Melody’s Vision

NELRESSA MONIQUE-STALLINGS Psychics often bring insightful insights to your success in finance, career, love life, family, health issues, spirituality, and more. When you think of the word, psychic, what comes to your mind? Usually for me it would conjure up thoughts about crystal balls, colourful stones or gypsy-dressed women loosely hanging out in front of […]

Kabir: The Rebel Saint

HIREN K BOSE Devout Hindus are still at it. Embarking on as many pilgrimages during their lifetime and wishing to die in the Holy City of Banaras, or Varanasi. Flashback: 1515. Kabir become aware that he had only a few days to live. He returned to Maghar, a village in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh, […]

How To ‘Read’ People Quickly

SANJIV NIDAMBOOR Don’t you think it would be a great idea if all of us could ‘read’ people as it were? Tough proposition, it is not. It is a possibility — though you wouldn’t believe it. It’s something that would also make us realise the right approach to spell the difference between getting what you […]

Whither Women’s Rights?

GAYATRI PAGDI Remember Kiranjit Ahluwalia from Provoked? I was reminded of her story again, just the other day. One of the issues widely discussed in India today is domestic violence against women. Violence, as we know, need not always be physical – yet, the consequences are as deadly. The signs, however, aren’t obvious to an […]

Mahatma Gandhi 150

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Earnestness, it is aptly said, is the font of authority or authenticity, where ‘auto’ means ‘self’ — your original instrument and ‘entea’ — or tool connotes communication. This explains why our credibility as a speaker or leader in any field of activity, for example, is directly correlated to the extent to which the audience […]