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Berry, Berry Good

RYAN HARRISON Not long ago, the natives of the Amazon were the only people who knew and regularly enjoyed the many health benefits of a small, dark, and exotic berry. In time, this berry — the açaí [pronounced ‘ah-sigh-EE’] — found itself to be the focus of many research studies. The result? Açaí has become […]

Movies For The Soul

RYAN HARRISON Have you ever been touched, challenged, or inspired by a movie? Have you left a movie theatre with the reawakened familiar feeling that the human heart is capable of — amazing and deeply spiritual things? Or, have you pondered over a film’s message, confronted with ideas that call you to stretch your understanding […]

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Imagery Rules

RYAN HARRISON Have you ever considered the power of your imagination? Some believe it is a person’s least utilised health resource. Dr Martin L Rossman, Co-Founder of the Academy for Guided Imagery, US, states that imagination “can be used to remember and recreate the past, develop insight into the present, influence physical health, enhance creativity […]

Stress To Destress

RYAN HARRISON No one is immune to stress. It’s a universal human experience. You’ve undoubtedly heard that some stress can be ‘helpful,’ especially if it motivates you to make changes that improve your lifestyle and health. This is called ‘eustress’ [the Greek prefix, eu, meaning ‘good’]. Some people even work best when they’re under this kind of […]