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Nutrient ‘Ammo’ For Allergy

RICHARD FIRSHEIN As the manager of her family’s raucous Irish pub in midtown Manhattan, twenty-eight-year-old Molly Tracey was as far removed from a pure diet and environment as she could get. Although smoking is strictly prohibited in restaurants, the patrons of O’Shaughnessy’s couldn’t have cared less; to them, a pub wasn’t a pub without Guinness […]

Anxiety? Trust Nature

RICHARD FIRSHEIN Kate [34], suffered from irritable bowel syndrome [IBS], characterised by gas, bloating, diarrhoea, and food sensitivities, as well as shortness of breath. She had also been losing weight rapidly, shedding 20kg in the last two months. Her job as a freelance computer analyst required her to hop from office-to-office, offering her expertise for […]

Milk Thistle: Liver’s Best Friend

RICHARD FIRSHEIN When Jeff Walker, a sixteen-year-old with mononucleosis, came to see me, he was completely exhausted, and his liver enzymes were alarmingly elevated. He’d been bedridden for three weeks, and his doctor had advised him to take off the last semester of high school, which meant delaying his entrance to Yale University in the […]

Phytonutrients For Menopause

RICHARD FIRSHEIN Julie Thomas was a fifty-seven-year-old actress who visited my office to rid herself of postmenopausal symptoms. She’d suffered from premenstrual syndrome [PMS] throughout her life, and she was now experiencing crippling joint pains, stiffness, and alternating chills and hot flashes due to menopause. She also noticed swelling in her legs and ankles. She […]

Vitamin E: The Fount Of Youth

RICHARD FIRSHEIN There are some puzzles in life that medicine may never decode, some holy grails we may never capture. One of these is the possibility of eternal youth. The mystery of longevity intrigues me as much as most people. When I observe elderly patients who have defied statistics and are enthusiastically enjoying long lives, […]