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15 Years Of Brick Lane

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR The Booker Prize has often thrown surprises — sometimes, with good intent; sometimes, without rationale. If Arundhati Roy’s brilliant novel, The God of Small Things, was chosen with agreeable objectivity, Ian McEwan’s Amsterdam, a modest novel, characterised the exact ‘archetype’ of the not agreeable. However, like it or not, Booker is Booker — […]

His Airness, Jordan

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR When ‘His Airness,’ Michael ‘Magic’ Jordan, or just MJ, the King Arthur of Basketball, made his final bow from the game, exactly 15 years ago, his legion of fans were happy, elated, and, maybe, sad. Happy, because Jordan had given them a million moments to showcase memories of his true greatness; elated, because […]

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Right Is Just A Byte Away

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Our manufacturing economy has given way to a radically restructured, decentralised information web: of globally dispersed facts, knowledge and ideas. They are not only principal products, but they are also much sought-after rewards of economic life. Put simply, such facts and knowledge are not tantamount to wisdom, yes. Yet, they are, in more […]

The Asterix Magic

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR There just can’t be a better example of globalised fascination than cartoon strips. You know them all — the great, all-time favourites. However, none comes close to as great, or colossal, a following as the evergreen  and much-loved, Asterix. It is a delight that’s going as strong as ever even after Rene Goscinny […]

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Boss Metamorphosis

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Career blues are commonplace in today’s workplace environment. Blame it on the recession, or what you may. There’s not just uncertainty in everybody’s mind; there’s also a growing, almost Hitchcockian, suspense in the corporate air. The question is not of downsizing, or ‘right-sizing,’ but ‘wrong-sizing.’ Explanation: if you aren’t lucky enough, your big […]

10 ‘Best’ Books Of The Last Century

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Books have a definite purpose. Hence, quite distinct perceptions, or readership outlines — of a decorum exclusively restricted to the realm of the tangible, not to speak of literary ornamentation. The world of books, like writing per se, is quite simply, the pursuit of two essentialities — intellect and substance in scaffolds and words. […]

20 Years Of ‘GOST’

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Arundhati Roy’s 1997-Booker Prize-winning novel, The God of Small Things [GOST], has to it more than just sublime magic. Forget what the critics said, or may say. The fact was, and is — Roy, with her elfin charm, poise, grace and elegance, not only came, and saw, but also conquered every book lover’s […]

Music = Best Medicine

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Got a tension headache? Don’t gulp a pill. Just reach out to music. Your favourite tune,or melody. Research suggests that when you ‘tap’ into your much-loved music piece, you ‘will’ yourself to relax and ‘rip’ your headache buzz. Or, do you suffer from asthmatic distress? Just ease your respiratory spasm with music. It […]

Joint Action

RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR Osteoarthritis is a bone-joint disorder. In a purely literal sense, it simply means inflammation of one or more joints. Here is everything you wanted to know about the disorder, but did not ask… There are many forms, or types, of arthritis. It is estimated that there are over one hundred or more types […]