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They Came First

MASOOMA SAKRIWALA The book under review is an anthology of poems by Venkatesh Govindarajan, PhD, who identifies himself as a pragmatic environmentalist, more specifically an animal lover. The book celebrates Govindarajan’s humble nature — a man with a heart of gold, especially in this world of cut-throat competition where most of us focus on easy […]

Tell Me Why

MASOOMA SAKRIWALA You and I, Are born to die Then why the fear Why, why, oh why? A number of things are waiting to be cherished Clutch on to them, or they’d perish Come on, buck up. Pull up your socks Stop mourning, or you’d be mocked. You are the rainbow of someone’s skies You […]

Sophie’s Wisdom

MASOOMA SAKRIWALA She is charismatic to the core. Her pleasant smile is just as mesmeric. She sported a warm namaste just as much her brightly shining eyes expressed her humanist quintessence to every student at Sophia College for Women, Mumbai. Mrs Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Canada’s First Lady and the charming wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sculpted […]

There’s Beauty In Everything

  MASOOMA SAKRIWALA “Oh, look at that rag-picker, he’s so ‘stinky’ and shabby.” “See that woman’s face, it’s scarred. She looks so terrible.” “That lady’s albinism gives me the chills.” “He’s so stupid I’m making fun of his looks and he doesn’t even understand.” “That boy’s dark circles are so deep; I can bury someone in […]