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Of Heart & Harmony

BADRINATH DURVASULA As our day begins, there is frenzied activity in each of our lives. It all points to a bagful of actions to be performed during the course of the day. The pace at which it all gets packed is also amazing. We often fail to realise what is accomplished during the course of […]

A Parable Like No Other

BADRINATH DURVASULA Most of us would have had some resolution in hand to implement during the New Year. Like every New Year. I wish to share a value-based story, which sure has a definitive imprint, or impact, in and on each of our lives and also propagates them for others and generations to come. The […]

The Art Of Good Parenting

BADRINATH DURVASULA “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark.” Yes, true to the Chinese proverb children are a mass of flesh and blood, akin to soft clay. This is something that can be moulded any which way one likes. The moulding is parenting; it projects the […]