Key To Your Soul


It’s been a long day; a tiring one
The moment you enter your floor in the building
You look at your door and you see hope.
Hope waiting for you inside your home
Hope sitting right behind the closed door on the couch
Hope that would come running into your arms as soon as you spring the door open.
You desperately search your pockets so that you could hear the jingling of the bunch of keys
You can’t find them and you dig some more but it looks as if the keys are trying to play hide and seek with you
But the only dilemma is, you’re not sure what you’re really seeking
The moment your fingers feel the slightest touch of those keys, you have a smile on your face.
The smile that doesn’t really create wrinkles around your eyes, but can make you softly exhale with relief
The smile that won’t really show all of your teeth, but won’t let the front hide behind your lips either
The smile that isn’t only felt by your face, but also by your heart.
You grab hold of those keys before they could escape your fingers and disappear inside your pockets again
And you’ll lose them for another session of hiding and seeking that looks like it would last forever.
You hold them so firmly as if your entire life depends on those teeny little pieces of metal and you’re done convincing yourself that it does not.
You place the key near the lock and narrow your eyes to get a clear picture of the keyhole through your blurred vision
Not only because time is flying and you are aging quickly but also because you are tired and just want to rest your eyes for a while.
The moment your key are just about to enter the keyhole and your door is about to spring open
And you see hope running right into your arms and making peace with your tired soul
The keys slip from your hands and drop on the floor making a clanking sound that your ears would like to call noise
And before you could process anything further, there’s another noise right inside your head and it sounds louder than the one that the keys made.
Now you can feel the sob stuck inside your throat that would neither mellow in nor burst forth
You can feel your heart shattering into a thousand pieces as you think to yourself: “Would hope have left hearing all the noises that have been playing on ‘repeat’ in my head?”
Or, would hope still be waiting for me snug inside the blanket on my couch?
You prefer the second option.
You pick the keys up and spring the door open.