More Than Forty Winks


There’s so much fun, albeit it isn’t a healthy pastime, to sit on the couch with your favourite pack of potato chips, in one hand, and the TV remote, in the other. The sound of the movie playing loud on your home theatre is one thing, and its blaring into the ears of everyone in your apartment is another, until you relax yourself deep into that ‘oh-so-comfortable’ sofa, as everything slowly ‘disappears’ into the climax of the movie.

This happens mostly on weekends, on Sundays, to be specific, when you had planned to studying the syllabus of four weeks, with books flooding your room, and papers spread everywhere around like confetti. To clear this trauma of never-ending studies and just passing over the hangover of yesterday’s late night movie watching, your smart brain bumps into this amazing idea: “Throw everything aside and sleep.” Well, sleep is the exact solution of any possible problem since the dawn of time. And, why not? Sleep just relaxes our mind — seamlessly.

A ‘short-long’ nap in the afternoon gives us that eternal satisfying bliss — although this may not be practical in the impractical times we now live in. This, until you wake up to your hunger, eat something… only to realise that it is already 11:00pm of your wonderfully wasted Sunday. Guess what happens next? You sleep again with the grief of your wasted holiday.


The habit turns into addiction, sooner than later. You know its name, don’t you? Addiction; nothing else… It is not a sudden phenomenon. It grows with time. It will control you and you won’t even know about it, until you begin to complain. You’ll love it. It blinds you so much that you won’t be able to see how it is destroying you.

Our era of easy lifestyle, slick and also suave facilities, where everything is easily available just by a click of the muse, has made us totally torpid. Have we forgotten the fact that we are humans, designed to perform manual work and not sit inside our bedrooms like dormant animals in hibernation? Leading a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy. A week of inactivity is as harmful as smoking a packet of cigarettes. This could also be children who become obese and victims of various diseases, or the elderly who become prone to dependence and compromise their quality of life, or ‘grown-up’ adults who increase their time off work and become less productive. Our sedentary lifestyle can doom all of us, making us victims of a host of chronic diseases. You name it — heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, dementia and cancer.

Our age of social media is surely a blessing where almost every facility is easily accessible. Yet, your frenetic ‘activity’ on Facebook, or Twitter, is clearly making you ‘inactive’ in reality. Sooner than later this inactivity is definitely going to make your brain dead. To curb this expanding issue you need to [re]charge yourselves and get ready for some physical as well as mental work. This would not only make you physically fit and fine, but it will also make you mentally and emotionally strong.


Procrastination is not wisdom — our plans, breaking our resolutions and lambasting ourselves over what we ‘should’ be doing isn’t going to help. We’ll not only betray ourselves by postponing things, but we also become ‘harmless,’ spur-of-the-moment liars. We need to challenge ourselves and be confident about it .Making commitments and sticking to them, and working for them will make us better and wiser humans in life. We also need to realise the fact that long-term rewards are much better and satisfying than easy and instantaneous rewards.

Being lazy doesn’t only mean sleeping all day long. Not trying anything whether or not you have the capacity is laziness too. Just by dreaming stuff and planning things out doesn’t make you an active person either. You have got to do, and just do it too. You’ve got to make things work. You’ll have to work till you sweat it out, and for that, my dear reader, you’ll have to push yourself out of your bed. It would be tiring. It could ‘hurt.’ Your body may give up. Your mind would too. But, if your decision is firm and your goals are set, no potato chips, or no movie, in this world can stop you from achieving what you would want to.

Your body will feel great. Your mind will be relaxed. And, most importantly, your soul will be fulfilled, not just satisfied. Also, the sleep you’ll get, after working hard, would be the most relaxing thing in the world.