The Colourfree Party


It was Mo’s birthday.  She was going to be having a party after school. Some of Mo’s friends were coming but her friend Jez had refused. Mo couldn’t understand why?  He was her best friend and she was upset. “I don’t think Jez likes me anymore,” she said sadly at breakfast.

Mum tried to cheer her up.  ”I’m sure that’s not true.  Anyway, Happy Birthday.  Come on, open your presents.” Mo didn’t seem interested in opening them.

“It is true. He told me he didn’t want to come,” she replied, beginning to cry.  ”I’m never playing with him again.”

When Mo arrived at school, she didn’t even speak to Jez. He came over to give her a card and present.

“Happy Birthday, Mo,” he said.  ”I’m sorry I’m not coming to your party. I hope you have a fun time.”

Mo didn’t even look at him. Instead, she stood close to her mum in a sulk.

“Don’t be so rude,” said her mum. “Thanks,” grunted Mo, taking the bag. “That’s okay,” Jez replied, walking back to stand with his mum.

Mo’s mum went over to them.

“Hello Mrs Brown, I’m sorry that Jez can’t come to Mo’s party.” “Thank you for inviting him; it’s a bit awkward you see.  He is upset though.  He was looking forward to it, them being best friends,” Mrs Brown replied. Just then the bell rang loudly.  Mo kissed her mum, grabbed her lunch box and followed her teacher into school.  Jez trailed along at the back looking sad.

Mo’s mum was walking through the gates when Mrs Brown called her. “I thought I’d better tell you the real reason Jez isn’t coming,” she said. “Oh,” said Mo’s mum, surprised.  ”You have other plans, don’t you?” “Not, really, it’s just that Jez has allergies.  He can’t have sweets and crisps.  All the party food makes his skin itch,” Mrs Brown said sadly.

“Is that the only reason?” Mo’s mum asked. “Yes, I can’t expect people to make special food just for Jez.” Mo’s mum chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I don’t do ‘normal’ party food. Mo has allergies too.  She can’t have too much sugar or those horrid colours. That’s why Mo doesn’t go to any parties. But, I do try to make her party special.”

“I’ll let Jez know he can go then.  See you later.  And, thanks,” said Mrs Brown with a wave. When it was home time Mo couldn’t wait to get out of school. “Mum, hurry, let’s get home.  I’ve got to get ready for my party!” she said excitedly. “Wait a minute, Jez looks like he has something to say.”
Jez came over smiling.

“I can come to your party.  That’s if you still want me to? “Great,” said Mo.  ”But I’ve got to go, we’ve a lot to get ready.  See you later.”

Mo’s friends arrived at 4:00pm.  Mum had set out the party food. Grapes, carrot sticks, star-shaped sandwiches, fresh fruit juice and home-made cakes. When it was time to eat, all the children tucked in.  After singing Happy Birthday there was just enough time for another game of pass the parcel.

Soon it was time for Mo’s friends to go home. “Mum, why haven’t you put any sweets in the bags?” asked Mo? “All your friends have allergies,” Mum replied. “Even Jez?” “Yes, Mo.  Even Jez.”

“Jez,” called Mo.  ”I’m so glad you came to my party.  I’m sorry I was horrid.  But one thing’s for sure… You’re still my best friend.”