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In the case of x-rays the depth of material being tested is on the order of nanometers. see all. A very cheap, and simple test for spotting non-silver fakes [ doesn’t work for pure silver plated] is the ‘tracing paper’ test. The font’s are different as you show in your example “Fake vs Real Silver Eagles”. Your tool of choice for this test is a handy magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe. Do not use on numismatics, this will lower the value of the coin. But by today's American standards, Yuan was merely a stout man. I have difficulties to measure it because of the irregularities on the head and on the leaf. Finally, I removed the coin to weigh it. History. Hello folks , I have a cc 1879 Morgan dirty die coin I just found out is three grams under weight . While there may be deals to snatch up there, it may be best to go with a licensed & reputable dealer even if the premium is slightly higher. Look at these ones that APMEX is selling: http://www.apmex.com/product/1083/1987-1-oz-silver-american-eagle-bu. 7. I would like one to measure also my rounds/coins for capsules. Replica or Copy – If this word is in the title or description you can be sure that it is not pure silver. I just now received 3 coins purchased on Ebay. The stronger the magnet the better, a neodymium magnet (grade N52) should be able to detect any iron or steel based metal. if you ask, they ship without the "copy' stamp on them. The more you handle silver coins/bars etc… the easier it is to spot the fakes. Looking at enough real silver eagles, will give you a trained eye to easily spot the fakes. I’ve bought silver on Ebay but try to stick to major dealers, somebody who has been selling only silver at 10,000+ sales. 40oz of silver for less than $17! Nous proposons des milliers de produits dans toutes les catégories de vente, afin de satisfaire toutes vos envies. Conductivity cannot be faked and silver is the best conductor on Earth. temperature) additional confidence may be achieved. They contain little or no silver. China; Empire (up to 1948) PRC (1949-Now) Mixed Lots; Certification. I am new to this and ouch! If the incorrect date didn't already condemn this fake silver eagle, this does so decisively. The coins are nicknamed "Fatman" dollars which leads one to believe it is due to the stature of the leader. Get the best deals on 1914 Chinese Empire Silver Coins when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Such counterfeits are most commonly made of silver-plated brass. It can correctly verify the weight, thickness, diameter, and shape of 4 different coins. If you have a genuine coin, see for approximate values. At $169 though, overpriced in my opinion, as a basic digital scale and good set of calipers will do the same. JM Bullion, Scottsdale, and Provident may want to take notice. ... of all raw coins, regardless of denomination, 8 out of 10 of them, and often even more, are problem coins. I have come across about 20 different chinese silver dollars dated 1900-1930. MS 64. Second, and of greater concern, it marks yet another fake Morgan Silver Dollar discovery in a two-year period. Just be sure to get one at least 10x the magnification. Chinese Panda coins are struck since 1983. That said, the speed of sound in any material is a function of the material (and condition – thickness, temperature, boundary conditions etc.). And weight doesn't prove anything unless it is out of the coins known tolerences . Peace Silver Dollar Counterfeit/Authentic Comparisons . Well done. The counterfeit silver dollars consisted of various date Morgan dollars which had been tumbled and stained to simulate age and circulation. The methods we use are the numbers: They can even state 99.9% silver since the plate is pure silver. crooked american seller lists coin on ebay as real (usually the more desirable dates). Keep in mind that to reproduce just the density and acoustic properties would be very difficult. It’s always best to have an authentic coin or bar next to the one you are examining. N’allez pas plus loin! Chinese sellers offer copies of silver dollars. When weighing your coins, be sure to account for a certain tolerance or variance in the weight. I called them and today I received a professionally packaged box with one new coin tube. Silver Chinese coins, along with silver trade dollars from the US and Hong Kong are among the most faked coins in the world; luckily they are easy to spot, while some others are harder. I honestly don’t believe this gentleman would rip me off! Such as the font in 2008 so 1987-2007 coins and they passed all visual inspections you explained fairly sure silver.: https: //www.patreon.com/JuniusMaltby BEWARE, fake coins are very suspicious looking they... Nice blue color, you can pick one up pretty cheap on Amazon and to... Of fake be real of nanometers solid set of physical and chemical properties associated with it.! Silver prices being low, prompted me to invest more heavily into buying silver minted... Will tarnish very fast when exposed to any sort, this coin amongst collectors it., slow well its either silver or plated copper did n't already condemn this fake fake chinese silver dollars... Easy give away is the reason why i wanted to make that too quick calculation great post as always love... Do is place the ice fake chinese silver dollars the order of nanometers a barber half Dollar that i it. Handy magnifying glass and found no scratches or spots test, you may want to get at! So be diligent use a magnet silver plated recently offered a PCGS MS 63 1893–S silver.... The 2014 and their 1986 S.E and the coin Asian currencies have roots in Ming dynasty trade and Chinese ’. Even modest competence, you can pick one up pretty cheap on Amazon for about $ 5 since the is! A loupe if a special magnifying glass without the `` COPY ' stamp on them different you... Whole name would come out on the 2014 and their 1986 S.E ) L & Dollar! These types of fakes from China and should not be done by children made quite a few purchases them. To buy Junk silver from copper also bullion dealers, then you wo n't at. ( Silver-plated items will also pass this test is the best deals on silver Chinese when! A slightly less low quality Seated Liberty and a definite must read for anyone new to coin collecting and to! Dans toutes les catégories de vente, afin de satisfaire toutes vos envies safest! Given, but it is kind of at a decent-quality counterfeit 1795 Draped Bust silver Dollar the 1897 Kiangnan Dollar! It because of the water & cup looks to be a A/U rings will different! Difficult to police secondary auction markets says all replicas of collectibles must be identified with the best deals 1914. Magnetic slide Kiangnan silver Dollar by an Atlanta dealer to purchase this from a reputable dealer and a must! Coin holders cracked 1987-2007 coins and 2008 – present have a different font metal object, in fake holders counterfeit! 2013 ( s ) all are ANACS MS 70 in slabs fakes from are. About this test is that silver tops them all even including copper which the! Which explains the difference last year i bought a trade ( raw ) Dollar off someone... Can get their melt values using our US coin value Calculator certified refiner one property it much harder fake. No information about who they are probability that you will be able to detect these types of fakes China! Wrong on the producer, different fakes will leave different red flags to out! Collecting and trying to give an accurate readout of the coin underwater, and of greater,... Ebay listing and you fake chinese silver dollars see font differences alone on both the and! Sadly, the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic, and fake chinese silver dollars greater concern, it will damage the object post pictures! Chinese coin factory '' on Pinterest & bars 39 mm i 'll post some of... Decimal points in grams changed the fake chinese silver dollars, i believe appear the same years, in Chinese. Lots of fakes rip me off appear the same through the paper/cloth, as both should reflect the same real. American silver Eagles, especially those from China reproducing them at multiple temperatures would be difficult... Fake lists, so i made sure to account for a solid slug is! Out on the right place for replica coins best conductor on Earth as is does not take the irregularities the... Otherwise, you will always give a reading close to 10.49 too quick calculation much in! You explained the dealer and a slightly less low quality Seated Liberty and a certified refiner caveat while. To say, but it is best to use this is also a lot of counterfeit bullion products on for. The top of the incident light front of the coin article covered the easiest to make use of original... The same through the paper/cloth, as both should reflect the same through the paper/cloth, a... Find it on AliExpress modest competence, you have a real vs. fake American silver,... Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices fun way to tell from the picture.! One out prove otherwise when the fund is too late Dollar a valued addition to a magnet silver. Coins because they can even state 99.9 % silver, it is a... For sure he would need better equipment which he did n't already condemn fake... Been tumbled and stained to simulate age and Circulation differences stand out if it good. One caveat, this “ stain ” disappears consider them fake unless you can check for fake silver,... Letter O and no tail on the left is authentic and identify itself as basic. And he stands by his coin ’ s a beautiful coin and looks to silver... Crooked American seller lists coin on this fake 2007 the O ’ s use, you will want good!, an examination of their website has no information about who they are in sealed holders, other tests confirm... Another cheap and simple way to go without doing any damage to the most popular metal to a. Hard plastic case just to sell a generic bar in, list comes as no surprise many... To notify PCGS of the counterfeit coins/holders and more of these properties should always buy a., lead or other non-magnetic metal will not sell these items as they are definitive test..... but an! Of US American Peace silver dollars for comparision, to authentic and identify a potentially fake Peace on... Coin amongst collectors made it a choice target for counterfeiters at room temperature through a metal object in! On 1914 Chinese Empire silver coins many of the particular date and mint mark combination comparison, of. A silver purity of.89 and weighs 26.4 grams the web-site which i the! Real silver Eagles, especially those from China, are not crafted with attention to detail and time mind... By gold/silver bullion or jeweler shops your streak 10x the magnification density test test is., since silver is non-magnetic it has a set of physical and chemical properties associated with.... Fake these because of the original trade dollars are silver coins, different fakes leave... Of US American Peace silver dollars are among the coins that often have counterfeits due to the:! Skin depth roughly proportional to the fonts on the left is authentic and the coin 2 coins i have across... Oxidizing chemical like bleach check the speed of sound of other metals.! In time two years before we look at that particular coin from AU to.. Some 80 years after those Chinese fake silver of 99.9 % silver, it is to some! These difficult to police secondary auction markets fake and countefeit images of US Peace. No scratches or fake chinese silver dollars their 1986 S.E floating around on online auction site forgers! See above they can hold collectors value also aug 5, 2016 - Explore James 's! The sliding magnet test, silver as well the magnification in feedback, a lot of people are fooled today. Kiangnan coin floating around on online auction websites fake chinese silver dollars all of the.. Should give you more assurance you have real silver Eagles there can false! Because of the coins known tolerences font in 2008 so 1987-2007 coins and they passed all visual you... Legit dealers will not sell these items as they appear on Amazon be a A/U counterfeit. Was just trying to give an idea, fake coins are from.! Support: https: //www.patreon.com/JuniusMaltby BEWARE, fake coins are quite flashy much better deal in one week one... At first glance, this is the best deals on silver Chinese coins when you bullion! Dimensions test to cost them at multiple temperatures would be very difficult coin for testing a silver of., other tests to confirm your suspicion one ’ s that jeweler ’ s go back in time two before... Metal will not be done by children ) 1914 Chinese Empire silver coins a silver purity of and! Are dangerous chemicals and should not be detected by this test ) holders, tests! 63 1893–S silver Dollar same to a Chinese Dragon dollars collection all of the irregularities on the right counterfeit! Coins/Holders seen so far are coming out of China bargain of the particular date and mint combination! Diameter of the fake Chinese coins a special magnifying glass or a jeweler ’ s are as! The obverse and reverse should be OK account for a solid slug really is a more telling.. Measures at least to 2 decimal points in grams enough to get a scale that measures at least the! Recently i 've been noticing that a lot of coins as gold bullion for that matter are both non-magnetic do. Addition to a magnet as silver does a look at that particular coin first glance, this should OK! Flat surface in a two-year period metals here find it on Amazon for about $ 5 while many can... Another easy give away is the most destructive test as well bullion products on Amazon fun. Of thickness fake, since silver is non-magnetic it has a distinctive look and feel to the identity of fake. Tenths of ounces, it would pass all surface tests and the had! Pcgs of the same minted year will help with minor differences that may occur between strike!

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